Handmade with Love

Today I am teaming up with six of my blogging pals for a blog hop! We were challenged to find something from a Thrift Store, Estate Sale, Yard Sale, Family Heirloom, ect. I had the idea to ask the hubs if he would be willing to make me a few wood cutting boards and a riser for our newly renovated kitchen! Let me tell you how it all began! Last December, we had a large tree fall on our property.


We took our youngest two girls to the top of the hill, where it had fallen, and counted all the rings in the tree to find out how old it was- It was 77 years old!


My husband had the idea to mill the wood, so that we could have this beautiful tree as lumber!


As soon as our blog hop came about, I knew I wanted to see if he would make those wood cutting boards and a riser for our kitchen!


My husband was able to mill several beautiful pieces of this red oak tree. I just love an item that is sort of repurposed in its own way. From this 77 year old red oak tree, we were able to get a couple years worth of firewood and many beautiful furniture pieces to come! The picture below is my husband doing what he does best! Making something beautiful for his wife 😉


He definitely makes my heart skip a beat to see him making something for our home. We did not spend any money to make the riser or the wood cutting boards. It was just our time.


I also used olive oil to condition the wood and added twine to the cutting boards.


Please check out all of my buddies to see their finds for this month! Never a disappointment for sure! Love, love, love working with all of these wonderfully, talented friends of mine!


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12 thoughts on “Handmade with Love

  1. How cute are the girls by the tree? 77 years such a beauty. The boards are beautiful but I’m loving the riser so much.

    Enjoy them all and looking forward to seeing what else gets made from the tree.



  2. Wow!! Shae, these are amazing!! Such a gift to have a handy husband! I love that you took something that most people would chop up into fire wood, and you made something amazing!! They look so good in your kitchen that you have spent so much time redoing!! Beautiful!!!


  3. Shae, the first thing is, it didn’t fall on your home (Thank Goodness)!! Second, when you are dealt with lemons….make beautiful home decor with it. ha! I am so impressed with what y’all did with the tree. Awesome! I do love your counter tops. I have been watching you work on your home….girl I thought I had too many irons in the fire. You take the cake! Have a blessed Monday sweet friend.


    1. Terrie, Yes! Happy it didn’t fall on our home! No damage this time other than a small amount of damage to our fence. Thank you for all your kind words! I guess with all of our creative minds, it’s mice to know we are always in great company because we all have so many diy’s going on at once! Have a wonderful day to you as well!


  4. Shae I love the cutting boards and the riser. They are lovely pieces regardless of whether you bought them in a thrift store or where they came from but the fact that they came from a tree in your yard and that you and your hubby made them yourselves makes them absolutely AMAZING! Incredible job!


  5. Shae! Oh my goodness! You guys make one talented team of DIYers! The cutting boards and riser are absolutely gorgeous and I love the story behind it! So nice to have a handy hubby, too! Did he make the legs for the riser? Gorgeous!


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