DIY Grapevine Magnolia Wreath

DIY Grapevine Wreath:

It’s always a pleasure to team up with my friend Terrie from  Decorating and More with Tip for one of our decor challenges! This week we are challenging ourselves along with several other bloggers to make our own version of a grapevine wreath!

Gather Your Supplies-

I started off with a plain grapevine wreath that I found from a local thrift store, back a few months ago. You can also order online from any craft store. Micheal’s has this one for $4.99!


Next, I purchased these magnolia leaf bushes from Hobby Lobby for $8.99 when they were half off. Just wait for the sale!


I also decided to paint a few of my leaves to take away some of that brighter green in the wreath and just tone down the overall look of the leaves. I purchased three paints colors from Wal-Mart in the Apple Barrel brand acrylic craft paint, in the colors, Melted Chocolate, English Ivy Green and Kings Gold. These colors are just fifty cents each.


Creating Your Wreath-

To create my wreath, I began taking apart the magnolia leaves and hot gluing them to the grapevine wreath, angling the leaves in different directions, to give dimension to the wreath.


After I had all of my leaves placed into my wreath, I went around the entire wreath and painted a few leaves of the Melted Chocolate  ,  English Ivy Green  and Kings Gold .


This is the wreath with just the Melted Chocolate brown leaves painted.


This is the wreath with the Melted Chocolate brown and the English Ivy green painted on the leaves.


For the lighter green, I mixed Kings Gold and English Ivy Green, both with equal parts.


After painting the leaves, here is the finished product!


Now to style in my home!


I decided to style on my antique door in my dining room! I love how my wreath turned out!! It’s perfect for my space!

Please hop over to my blogging buddies to check out what they designed for their grapevine wreaths!! My friend, Mary from Shady Oak and Sassafras  has the cutest wreath so please check her out! I am also loving my friend Pamela from DIY Vibing  .



22 thoughts on “DIY Grapevine Magnolia Wreath

  1. I LOVE this. So pretty. Painting part of the leaves was genius – it makes it look so realistic. On a side note I just received a “bar with hooks” ( not sure what else to call it) for my birthday and I love how you styled yours. More great inspo!


    1. Thank you so much! I styled mine with cutting boards that my husband and I made together. Then I just bought a few small baskets from Hobby Lobby and one from a thrift shop and added some greenery and lavender!


  2. I’ve been wanting to create a Magnolia wreath for quite some time now! I’m totally copying yours, Shae! So creative to add your own touch by painting the leaves! It adds dimension and makes them look realistic! LOVE that!


  3. Love the mix of colors, Shae. Gives it so much more interest. You found the perfect spot for it too, looks beautiful!


  4. Your wreath Shae looks amazing. I love that you painted the tips of your leave. Who would of thought to do that. You give so many inspiring ideas. Thanks for joining me on the challenge this month. Always love working with you!


  5. Your grapevine wreath is so pretty! I love how you painted the leaves to give it a new look. And it looks so pretty on the antique door! I’m pretty sure I’ve saved every picture of your dining room because I love it so much!


  6. Great idea painting the magnolia leaves. I’ve don’t that before and it does give the wreath so much more interest. Love your door in your dining room. I’m sure it has a story.


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