How to Stay Organized During a Big Move

This month has been a big one for us and if you follow along with us on Instagram, you know it is a plethora of items but mostly because we sold our home! I also lost my Instagram account with almost 32k followers! I started a new one and plan to keep trucking along!

We stayed in in our home, an extra 30 days past closing then plan to build our own home and a pole barn! My husband and I are DIY’ers and we are so excited to take y’all along this journey! We have also been blessed to be able to pay for our home and pole barn with cash!

Moving can be one of the most stressful things in a person’s life; especially since it is one of the top five most stressful events in life! Couple that with finding my husband a new job, maintaining two businesses, a daughter getting married, homeschooling and so many other things, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why I choose to be as organized, as humanly possible, during these big life changes, so that I can focus on the bigger picture. Sometimes during the selling, buying and moving process, things do not always go as planned. I think that by being organized, it helps make the process be a smoother one!

Two ways that I like to stay organized is by creating a moving binder and a “Day One” box.

How I Stay Organized During a Big Move & How You Can Too

Moving Binder

I purchased a 1.5 inch binder to hold all the important documents we would need during the entire process.  That way, if i was asked a question about anything, at any given time, I knew right where to find it; especially since my husband and I were our own real estate agents. Yes, we are DIY’ers and we even sold our house, on our own.  I also purchased tab dividers to separate all of the documents.

Plus, when packing your home, it is super easy to misplace a piece of paper or an important document. This moving binder allowed me to  have everything essentially that we needed, at all times.

How to Organize Your Moving Binder

Since we were essentially our own real estate agents, I knew that organization was key to help us through this process. Here is how I organized our moving binder:

*Home Contract

*Buyer Pre-Approval

*Earnest Money

*Closing Attorney

*Moving Companies

*Storage Units



*Change of Address


*Items to Sell

This is personalized for our family’s needs. It may look a little different for you but it is so easy to personalize for yourself! You will feel so much better, just knowing that all of those important documents are right at your finger tips. 

I also downloaded this form to help me with a checklist for all of the change of address items. It is super helpful to have something to go by, to make sure you don’t miss anything!

New Owners Folder

I also wanted to keep a folder inside my binder for the new homeowners. They were first time buyers, so we wanted to make sure that we could help them in any way that we could help! I included things like paint colors to writing them notes on how to remember to operate the pond/waterfall feature in the backyard. I wanted them to be able to feel they could navigate their new home with ease!

Day One Kit

Another thing I like to do when moving is to create a “Day One Essentials” box. This is a box of things needed right away when moving. Now, we have moved many times in over 22 years so I consider myself a pretty good expert on moving. Grab a storage container and place items in it that you know you will need on the first day.

Items for the essential box could include:

*Coffee with Coffee Pot


*First Aid Kit

*Basic Tools like hammer, drill, tape measure, ect

*Hand Soap with Hand Towels

*Paper Plates, Cups, Disposable Silverware


*Cleaning products with reusable cleaning cloths


*Pet Food


I also like to pack one overnight bag per person in our family so we have easy access to a couple day’s worth of clothing, tooth brushes and personal hygiene items.

Anyway, this may look a little different for each family, but you get the idea! It is so much easier to have these things instead of opening ten different boxes to find something! Between these three ideas, I am able to stay organized and maintain less chaos in a chaotic time period. I highly recommend you giving them a try and customizing for your own family for your next move! If you have any questions, please reach out and ask in the comments!


2 thoughts on “How to Stay Organized During a Big Move

  1. The moving binder is such a great idea! I’m a huge fan of binders to stay organized. I also love the idea of a day 1 kit. I never would have thought of that! Saving this!


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