The last few weeks, actually the last few months, have been HARD. Situational pain spoke loud to my heart and my soul for days. The mind knows what the heart needs to remember albeit there is a battle waged. The two aren’t in cohesiveness together. That makes us tremble to the enemy. When we are at war internally, it will be harder to fight the external battles of daily life.

Ignoring this place of tension will continue to wreak havoc. One incident builds upon another and eventually everything will blow up. It will even leave us in a worse place. We have a choice to ignore this tension or we can let this tension drive us into action to seek our Lord. Believe me, I understand that the temptation to give in to the despair is like a cheerleader’s megaphone, for the way that our souls need to readjust hope. Will we turn to God for help or will we turn to our own self focused expectations? Our hearts willing, we say yes to God. We want God to help us and to feel near Him.

I do not know what your battles are today. May be you have experienced a loss like a job loss, the loss of a relationship or may be you are grieving a death. Sometimes, accepting the need to grieve the reality of hard present truths while being able to keep hope alive for redemption the way our Father desires. Have you tried and you are feeling worn down by the enemy?

Fight back. Do not let the enemy win. Fight as fiercly against the enemy who takes our souls and will make them at war. The enemy will take and try to turn husband and wives against each other. The enemy will try and turn families against each other. The battle is not against others. The true battle is against the enemy of God and of us because God is with us. I need prayer during these times and may be you need prayer during these times too.

Even if you are to tired to lift your eyes today or any other day, I have hope that you will choose prayer too. Cry out to God. He is listening.

Dear Jesus,

Some days it hurts so much. My soul is so weary and tired. I feel as if I am not sure how to take another step. I do not know what to do. The pain in my heart is engulfing and I need you. When I turn away, please remind me that you are right here. Please send my guardian angel to comfort me. I know you have not left me.

Lord, please remind me that my pain is only temporary, although in the moment it feels like forever. When my heart is weary, at times, I feel like I have done all I can do. I feel trapped and lost because sometimes, I can not see a way out or a way forward; so in these moments, thank you for your grace and love. Please show me what I need to see. Show me what I need to change in my own heart. Please help me to be a better mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter. Reveal more of you.

When I feel like I am unsure of how or what to pray for, Lord, you know my heart. My tears are my words. Help me turn to you so that I can hear you, oh Lord! You tell me you are a place of refuge. Lord, I want to stay there and feel safe. I need courage so that I can fight another battleground you lead me to. Help me find rest and peace today; although my heart is hurting, you give me strength to endure until I can see clearly again.

I need you Lord. I stand in victory because in the end, you have already won. May I never forget that you are at work, even when we can not see it yet. Help me to remember that I have what I need to stand against the enemies lies.

I ask these things in your name,