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Happy New Year!! I’ve decided to start off the New Year, on the blog, with sharing the best things to buy each month, throughout this year. In today’s post, I will be sharing the best things to buy in January. Twenty something years ago, being newly weds at 17 and 20 years old, I learned very quickly how expensive things were! I had to figure out how to buy things and when the best time would be to buy them. I began watching sales flyers and by window shopping at different stores, knowing when they had sales on certain items.


January is the best time to replace christmas gift wrap, tissue paper, bags, cards and bows! All the stores will have sales and some are even at 90% off! Hobby Lobby even includes their scotch gift wrapping tape as their 75-90% off christmas gift wrapping supplies. I always buy these items this time of year and I save so much money! Kohl’s is a great place for shopping for gift wrap, along with ornaments and toys.


Wal-Mart will have great clearance on their toys from Christmas that did not sell. A lot of those are up to 90% off. I can check many items off list for my daughters, nieces and nephews  for this next Christmas and birthday’s, by shopping in January. Target also has amazing clearance toys in January too! Kohl’s is also a great place to find heavily discounted toys that are usually 60-90% off. 


Januaury is the “White Sale” for linens. Of course, you can find linens of all colors too. Replacing sheets? This is the month to do it! I like to buy a 1200 thread count or higher and I can usually find these for well under $50. That is usually a savings of over one hundred dollars! Check stores like Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Belk and JCPenny.  You can find deals on things like towels, bath mats, duvet covers and bedspreads. Last year, I found a fabulous quality towel at Sam’s Club. I got several towels and washcoths for a family of six for under $100.

My absolute favorite bedding for little ones is from Beddy’s. If you use SSG20, you can grab 20% off items that are already on sale! Right now, they even have free shipping! Plus they have a payment program with no interest!!! I think I may just scoop up new bedding now for our new home!!!


With New Year’s resolutions being made, alot of people want to loose weight. Stores will take advantage of that fact by offering great deals on health and fitness items during January. You can find great prices on things like weight sets, treadmills and bathroom scales. Gyms and Fitness Clubs usully offer wonderful incentives during the month of January.


While July does have a slight edge, January is still a good time to buy furniture. Many manufactures will begin releasing new designs in February, which means that stores need to clear out their inventories. Believe it o not, Home Depot has furniture and it is on sale for 35% off by using this  link.


While it is cold outside, alot of people dream about going somewhere warmer. January is a great time to find deals on vacations! From cruises to vacation pacakages, check them out! My favorite place to look for vacations is through VRBO. We enjoy being able to stay in a home and cook our meals, so this works best for us!


Wait until Janurary to find that winter coat you have been eyeing or one your children needs! You can find great deals on gloves, hats and jackets. Last year, I bought two NorthFace jackets for my youngest two for under $60! Lots of children’s clothing sites are heavily discounted up to 75% off! Our favorite brand of shoes for our youngest daughter is Livie and Luca. I just bought her a pair of shoes for next year for $38 and the regular price is $79. You can even find wonderful pieces that are new or gently used on Poshmark. Department stores like Kohl’s and Belk are fabulous for deals! 

Always buy off season for clothing, as many times it can be between 75-90% off. I buy boutique clothing for my littles, so I always try to shop their end of season clearance sales for their nicer clothing. 


Janurary is a great time to buy new flooring! Great deals and discounts! You can get very nice area rugs for up to 80% off! A lot of them have payment plans with no interest too! My favorite rug shop is Boutique Rugs. They have the best sales plus I have a coupon code I can offer you! Use GRACE55 at check out for 55% off!


Have you been wanting that smart tv? Now is the best time to grab one!

Since a lot of new video games are released at the end of the year, if you wait until Janurary, they will be discounted. 


If you have been thinking of getting a new car, January is a great time to buy! This is he month that dealerships begin offering more incentives from the previous year models!


I have collected ornaments since my husband and I’s first Christmas together. It all started with my mom, collecting a Hallmark ornament for me, each year, at Christmas. I believe that is where my love of ornaments came from! I have continued this tradition with my own children as well. We probably have hundreds of ornaments on the Christmas trees in our homes. 

I learned very quickly that most Hallmark ornaments will go on sale for 50% on the day after Christmas. If you can wait, you can save so much money. If you want a Hallmark ornament that is a popular one for the year, then I would go ahead and buy it. Most of the time, we can get the ones we have had our eyes on, on the day after Christmas and for 50% off! 

This year, one of our adult daughter’s got married and I bought them a Hallmark ornament that says, “Our First Christmas Together.” We are looking forward to hanging our new ornaments on the tree, next year!


Glad you stopped by to read about The Best Things to Buy in January. Come back next month to read about The Best Things to Buy in February!