The Best Things to Buy in March

I am enjoying writing this series each month about the best things to buy each month throughout the year. March is one of my favorite months because it is the month of the start of warmer weather and spring! I also enjoy March because its part of my quartly spring clean! I should probably word that as my quartarly deep clean.

Cleaning Supplies

March has some incredible deals on household cleaning supplies and cleaning products this month! My go-to cleaner is Thieves from Young Living. I also like to make my own glass cleaner with rubbing alcohol, Berkey water and a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. I also will use Whole Foods brand cleaning products and supplies. Norwex is a great option for cleaning supplies and you only need water! They tend to have deals usually the whole year! I use Katie for all my Norwex! She is extremely knowledgeable!


Frozen Items

Did you know that March is national frozen foods month? You can find frozen veggies and fruits on sale at Sprouts and Whole Foods. Sprouts has great deals on their frozen fruits and veggies in March! I like to help stock up our freezer a little bit during this time, since usually our gardens are in transition from winter to spring. You can also find sales on other frozen food items like pizza! 

Chips and Dip

March 14th is National Chip Day so there will be sales on chips and dip throughout the month of March. Seriously if you are a chip and dip fanatic, it is the best time to buy chips and dips! 

Corned Beef

With March 17th being St. Patrick’s Day, there will be sales on corned beef. So, for all of you corned beef lovers out there, grab a couple to stock up in your freezer when you get that craving for corned beef. 

Fresh Veggies

I have found lots of fresh veggies on sale in March and some that can even be cut, bagged and frozen too! I have found avocados for $0.50 cents and we will peel, cut and add them to a freezer bag. We can then defrost them later and make guacamole. I have also found deals on fresh spinach, sweet potatoes and yellow potatoes, leeks (which we love to make Sweet Potatoe “Nachos”), lemons (fresh lemonade), limes, beets and more! I have also noticed cabbage on sale because of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Winter Clothing

Winter clothing is usually at a huge discount by March. I always try to buy one year ahead for my ones that are little. It’s a fantastic time to stock up for next winter. Check out all of your favorite stores for discounts!  Winter clothing is usually 75% off but I have found it for as much as 90% too! 

I hope you have been ejoying my series on what to buy each month! I sure am enjoying sharing what I have learned over the years with you!

Love, Shae

Spring Upcycle DIY

Today I am teaming up with a multitude of fabulous bloggers to share a Spring Upcycle DIY! My friend Terrie from Decorating and More with Tip , heads up our group and the rules were as follows: The Spring Upcycle DIY must be something spring related and we need to upcycle something we already had on hand at home!


Challenge Accepted

Challenge accepted? Well, may be.  I actually failed. Twice to be exact. I think I have a good excuse though and I did rise above it! We have literally everything we own in storage! I have very little to work with so I had to be super creative!

Wood Sign

I first decided I would have my husband cut me a piece of aged wood that we found on our new property. I planned to paint a garden sign for our new garden but it has been raining here for the past couple of days and the wood was still wet. Since the wood stayed damp, I could not paint on the wood. Next, I decided to do a vinyl design on a sign that I had in my camper, which is our current home, as we build our forever home!

0FB065DE-276F-4E91-BB96-CD6B74B288AFI decided I could use the back of this sign for a different sign. The first vinyl design did not work out due to the size and file of the vinyl design. I realized this AFTER designing the entire design.


Easter Wood Sign with Silhouette

Next, I decided to go a more simpler route and just do vinyl wording for Easter. 


I decided on “He is Risen” for the saying for my sign. I went to my Silhoutte program and grabbed a font from my Silhouette library and manipulated it a bit, to size.


I measured the wood and decided to go with 17×4.5 for the size of the vinyl letters, since my wood sign is 19×5. After printing the vinyl words, “He is Risen”, I removed the negative vinyl, which we call weeding, in the vinyl world. I also cut out each word and placed it on the wood for placement before I added the vinyl to my wood sign.

A little bit of history of the  wood: The wood  iteself is actually wormed antique wood from a barn and it is over 100 yeaars old! It is a pretty cool piece of history! We have made many things from this wood like framed mirrors, shelves and more! 

I added transfer contact paper, made sure the vinyl adhered, then carefully peeled the vinyl from the contact paper.


Next, I placed the word “Risen” on the sign first, noting that I wanted the “n” to be about a half inch from the very end of the wood sign. I measured about a half inch from the first and last letter 


After adding the word “Risen”, I added the word “He”. I added “is” last and made sure it measured equal on spacing at about an inch from the words “He” and “Risen”. 


Final Thoughts

Overall, a simple and quick project that cost me $0 since I had everything I needed on hand! I have stories on my Instagram account that you can see a bit more details! I hope you will take the time to check out what my friend’s have come up with for their Spring Upcycle!