Staycation with Vulcan Park and Museum

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Staycation with Vulcan Park and Museum

When I think of a fun activity with a little history in Birmingham, Alabama, I think of Vulcan! I can remember going here as a child on field trips and sometimes with my childhood best friend. Vulcan definitely holds some nostalgia for me! Our oldest two daughters, who are now adults, grew up visiting Vulcan. We were excited to have the  opportunity to take our youngest two daughters, recently!


Vulcan History

Vulcan is Birmingham, Alabama’s statue and is the world’s largest cast iron statue. It is also considered one of the most memorable works of civic art in the United States. Vulcan was designed by an Italian artist, Giuseppe Moretti. Vulcan was cast in 1904 and has overlooked Birmingham from atop Red Mountain since the 1930’s.  The photo below was from 1906-1935 when Vulcan was located at the Alabama State Fairgrounds. 


In 1999, Vulcan was in need of repair. The 10 acre park that surrounds Vulcan was closed and Vulcan was removed from its pedestal. City leaders sought public support for its restoration, forming the non-profit Vulcan Park Foundation., which would oversee the plan to restore the statue to his 1904 grandeur. They also created a educational park complex to interpret Alabama’s industrial history. 


Vulcan Today

Today, public-private partnerships and a $15.5 million campaign, our city’s beloved statue, stands rehabilitaed, along with the expanded park, now  referred to as Vulcan Park and Museum. 


Our Visit to Vulcan Park and Museum

Our family was so excited to have a staycation here in Birmingham and to be able to visit Vulcan Park and Museum! It is  a beautiful park overlooking the cityscape. We decided to check out the museum first! The museum has many different exhibits about the history of making Vulcan! Our favorite exhibit was the Furnace Room, where you can see raw materials needed for iron production. We also enjoyed reading about the  Women’s Suffrage Centennial on their fight to have rights to vote. We finished the museum quickly, as our littles were chomping at the bit to go up top of Vulcan! 


The elavator ride to the top of Vulcan offers breathtaking  views of the Birmingham region. You can see Red Mountain as it stretches to the east and west.


Facing north, you can see Jones Valley, one of Birmingham’s earliest business districts. To the south, you can see Shades Valley and even further south lies Oak Mountain.  


We had a few people in our family that were a little nervous of heights but hey, that did not stop us from being atop of Vulcan! Absolutely one of our favorite spots here in Birmingham to have a staycation! 


Final Thoughts

Vulcan Park and Museum is absolutely one of our favorite spots here in Birmingham to have a staycation!


Grab your tickets here!  I would love to know if you and your family have come to Vulcan Park and Museum, here in Birmingham? Please let me know in the comments!


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