Our Experience with Acon Trampoline

“This blog post is sponsored by Acon Trampoline and reflects my personal views and opinions on the products.”


”Mommy, can we buy a trampoline?”

When our youngest two daughters began asking for a trampoline, since their older two adult sisters had had one, when they were younger, I began researching the best trampolines on the market. I researched, I read blog reviews, just like you a reading now because I wanted the best for my children, as any parents do. What I came up with was that Acon Trampoline was safe with premium quality that is designed to last for generations. Plus, in comparison to other premium trampoline’s, Acon was budget friendly and they frequently have sales! Win! Win! Check out our REEL on IG!!!


Acon Trampoline

Enter Acon Trampoline into our lives! Designed in Finland, since 1996, Acon has invested research and development in order to stay on the leading edge of performance. Acon has a premium collection of trampolines and in all different sizes.


Premium Qualities

All of Acon trampolines are black powder coated and made of galvanized steel both inside and out. Do you know what that means? It means your trampoline will not rust. Thick frame tube ensure us, as consumers, that it’s construction will not bend or warp from standard use. It will keep for generations to come!



Acon’s warranty is 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the mat, 2 years on the safety pad and other mat components with 2 plus years on the springs, depending on your model type.  Best of all, once your warranty runs out, they have an inventory of spare parts. Anything you could need for your trampoline! 


Build a Trampoline Package

Acon definitely build their trampolines with families in mind! Every model comes with a standard base style, plus you can choose what accessories to add to your package. They have ladders, safety enclosures and special trick accessories. 


The New Acon Air 13ft Sport HD Rectangular Trampoline

Your backyard will be the hit of the neighborhood with the newest Acon 13ft Rectangular Trampoline! When Acon reached out and said they wanted to offer our family their brand new 13ft Acon Trampoline, our two youngest girls and I screamed with excitement! 


The new X-series springs bring even MORE bounce and longer lifetime of jumping! The frame has an all new adjustable double layer bounce system that you can adjust the springs to one or two different vertical attachment positions to create mat tension to suit your style! It is seriously the most bounciest trampoline I have ever jumped on! Yes, this Momma still got some moves!!


The Quiet SafeZone mat includes a skirt that reaches over the springs. It will also dampen the noise and eliminates spring contact.  The net is designed for No Finger Access and is made from durable and skin friendly materials in order to keep all fingers and toes safe! 


Ya’ll! This trampoline is perfect for Christmas! Perfect for Santa to bring on Christmas morning, am I right?! The girls and I are LOVING their new trampoline from Acon! If y’all have any questions, please feel free to reach out!! Check out our reel on IG of our new Acon Trampoline! We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season! 



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