Today I am teaming up with several of my blogging friends to share how we each put our own spin on a clear ornament. My friend Terrie from Decorating and More with Tip is our host and always has creative challenges for our group!

I know you will love to see the DIY ornament from  my friend Tara!


I have always enjoyed making Christmas ornaments. I started this tradition with our family, for my husband and I’s first Christmas together. He actually was recovering from major abdominal surgery and I wanted to have something fun for us to do, while he was at home. I have continued this tradition, every year in our family. I have made all types of ornaments from salt dough ornaments to hand painted ornaments!


Come follow along with me, as I show you, just how easy and budget friendly it can be to make your own ornaments! Plus it is so much fun and it will be memories that you can add on your Christmas tree, year after year!



*Clear ornament(s)



*Flocked Garland

*Mini Pine Cones

*Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

*Jute Twine

I grabbed this six count of clear ornaments in the Dollar Section of Target for $3! I wanted some smaller ornaments to put on our mini Christmas tree for our camper. Since our camper is decorated in a rustic, boho type decor, I decided to go with black checkered fabric and burlap ribbon to cover my ornaments, that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.


I also picked up small pine cones and some flocked greenery with red berries.


These ornaments are really simple to make. Plus, they make great gifts too!


I tied my jute twine around the ornament top base to my desired length, for the ribbon hanger.


Next, I cut my fabric a few inches wider than the diameter of my ornament, then began lightly adding hot glue to the ornament and wrapping the fabric around the ornament.


I could not find any burlap ribbon at my Hobby Lobby, so I purchased an eighth of a yard of burlap to cut my own “ribbon”.


I cut my ribbon in one inch strips.


Next, I tied my burlap ribbon around the ornament then added a few strands of jute twine by tieing them into the burlap ribbon.


For the greenery, pine cones and berries, I just cut from the greenery and pine cones bunches that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. Add a little dab of hot glue and your good to go! You can also adjust your burlap ribbon to look neater by adding dabs of hot glue to the back of the ribbon, attaching it to the ornament. How simple are these ornaments!



I hope y’all have enjoyed reading about my DIY Clear Ornamants! I love that these will be a memory on my Christmas tree, year after year! I hope you will check out the other ladies to see what they have come up with for their clear ornaments!

I know you will love to see how this ornament by Jodi turned out!



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[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured in this post is provided by Old Time Pottery; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

Old Time Pottery is one of my favorite places to shop for Christmas gift wrapping! Come follow along with me, as I share ideas for gift wrapping those holiday gifts!



I was so excited when Old Time Pottery asked me to team up with them, this holiday season! Christmas is my favorite time of year, as I love everything about the Christmas season! I am sure a lot of you have been thinking about what to buy family or friends for Christmas. What about a homemade treat? Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade treat and it speaks straight to the heart!

After spending an afternoon in your kitchen, be sure to give your sweet gift the presentation it deserves. I have gathered some of my favorite, easy to assemble, food packaging ideas for ya’ll! This was all purchased for under $100!



For mine and my husband’s siblings this year, I decided it would be fun to do one family gift for each sibling and their families. I thought it would be fun to do a box of Christmas Eve goodies for them to enjoy together. Old Time Pottery has so many different sized, decorative Christmas boxes that you can use to wrap goodies in! I decided to go with a red truck theme this year and when I saw these boxes, I knew they would be perfect for our sibling‘s family gifts this year!



In the box, I placed homemade hot cocoa mix in a mason jar from Old Time Pottery. The lid even had a vintage red truck on it! Add a cute tag with handwritten or printed directions for the hot cocoa. 



My husband has been making this hot cocoa recipe since our oldest two daughter’s were babies. We have had many years to perfect this creamy, chocolatey goodness! 

Hot Cocoa Recipe:

3/4 C Sugar 1

1/4 C Cocoa

4 and 1/3 C Milk

1/2 TSP Vanilla (optional)


Mix cocoa and sugar into a saucepan. Stir in milk over medium heat until all sugar and cocoa is dissolved and cocoa is heated. Do not allow this to boil, as it will burn to the bottom of the pan. Add vanilla.



I also added homemade hot chocolate bombs, along with homemade oreo truffles and chocolate covered spoons to stir in their hot cocoa.


The hot cocoa also needed Christmas themed mugs to drink from when drinking the hot cocoa. I wanted to add a mug for each of our nieces and nephews; depending on age, I added the Santa, snowman or polar bear mugs to the decorative boxes. 



To fill the box, I added white crinkle cut shredded paper. It also helps to cushion the mugs and Vintage Red Car topped mason jars. I always make sure to fill the crinkle cut paper well, making sure to fill nicely around all the edges of the box.



I also found the cutest tins with vintage red trucks on them! In these tins, I added mini cupcake holders that held the oreo truffles. The Vintage Red Truck Tins with the truffles will be for our parents, along with our aunts and uncles. You could make something simple for these like boxed brownies and cut them into small squares, then add to the tins. You could also make Christmas candy or divinity for the tins as well.



I buy these little loaf pans, every year from Old Time Pottery! I love to make my cream cheese banana nut bread and give out to extended family, dance teachers, neighbors and colleagues. I wrap them in cellophane and tie with a curling ribbon! EASY PEASY and everyone loves it! I am so happy to have found these that have the red vintage truck on them!



You can find so many things at Old Time Pottery from wrapping paper to decorative boxes or the ceramic loaf pans! Old Time Pottery has so many options for this Christmas season! Plus, their prices are budget friendly and I am sure that you can find something to fit your budget this holiday season! If you have any questions or want a recipe, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!






Today I am teaming up with our host, Terrie from  Decorating and More with Tip  plus several of our blogging buddies to do a Surprise Box Challenge. Rules: Take $10 to buy items that are challenging to make high end home decor. Required to use one item out of the box.



My friend  Emily  received my name and she sent me the following items: A card board gingerbread house, several styrofoam trees, along with several wood pedestal and mini christmas ornaments.



As soon as I saw the cardboard gingerbread house, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with  it! I already had a chalk pen on hand, so I decided to use the chalk pen as my “icing”. I knew I wanted to create a neutral pallete for Christmas decor in our camper.



I just began drawing the “icing” with my chalk pen. For the roof, I used a scalloped design, then decided to fill it in. I also lined all of the edges of the roof with the chalk pen to help define the shape of the roof. I did the same for the chimney!



For the windows, I heavily used outlined each window then added scallops to the edges and dots around the windows as well.



For the door, I heavily outlined the door, added an arch with a heart and dots.  Above the door, I added more dots and a heart.



For the trim, I added scallops around the top with dots. I free handed everything but if you don’t feel comfortable with that, you could always lightly pencil in then go back with your chalk pen.



For the back of the gingerbread house and the floor, I just added scallops, then sort of filled them in, leaving a little of the card board coloring to show through. So easy and fun to do!



I definitely wanted to make some Christmas trees to go with our little gingerbread house! I decided to make some yarn Christmas trees, as I had the yarn on hand as well! First, I glued the styrofoam trees to the wood pedestal’s, then began adding a small amount of hot glue on the trees and wrapping yarn around twicce. I think they turned out so adorable! My youngest two daughters love playing with them!



I had a blast creating this little christmas scene for our camper Christmas decor!! I would love for ya’ll to see what my other blogging friends have come up with for our Surprise Box Challenge!!



I hope I have inspired ya’ll to create budget friendly Christmas decor for your home! I always look around my home to see what I can upcycle as well! You never know what you can create with something you already have in your home!! Hop on over to Tara’s blog  to see what I sent her in her Surprise Box  Challenge! Please check out my other friends to see what they’ve created for their homes with our Surprise Box Challenge!


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How to Stay Organized During a Big Move

This month has been a big one for us and if you follow along with us on Instagram, you know it is a plethora of items but mostly because we sold our home! I also lost my Instagram account with almost 32k followers! I started a new one and plan to keep trucking along!

We stayed in in our home, an extra 30 days past closing then plan to build our own home and a pole barn! My husband and I are DIY’ers and we are so excited to take y’all along this journey! We have also been blessed to be able to pay for our home and pole barn with cash!

Moving can be one of the most stressful things in a person’s life; especially since it is one of the top five most stressful events in life! Couple that with finding my husband a new job, maintaining two businesses, a daughter getting married, homeschooling and so many other things, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s why I choose to be as organized, as humanly possible, during these big life changes, so that I can focus on the bigger picture. Sometimes during the selling, buying and moving process, things do not always go as planned. I think that by being organized, it helps make the process be a smoother one!

Two ways that I like to stay organized is by creating a moving binder and a “Day One” box.

How I Stay Organized During a Big Move & How You Can Too

Moving Binder

I purchased a 1.5 inch binder to hold all the important documents we would need during the entire process.  That way, if i was asked a question about anything, at any given time, I knew right where to find it; especially since my husband and I were our own real estate agents. Yes, we are DIY’ers and we even sold our house, on our own.  I also purchased tab dividers to separate all of the documents.

Plus, when packing your home, it is super easy to misplace a piece of paper or an important document. This moving binder allowed me to  have everything essentially that we needed, at all times.

How to Organize Your Moving Binder

Since we were essentially our own real estate agents, I knew that organization was key to help us through this process. Here is how I organized our moving binder:

*Home Contract

*Buyer Pre-Approval

*Earnest Money

*Closing Attorney

*Moving Companies

*Storage Units



*Change of Address


*Items to Sell

This is personalized for our family’s needs. It may look a little different for you but it is so easy to personalize for yourself! You will feel so much better, just knowing that all of those important documents are right at your finger tips. 

I also downloaded this form to help me with a checklist for all of the change of address items. It is super helpful to have something to go by, to make sure you don’t miss anything!

New Owners Folder

I also wanted to keep a folder inside my binder for the new homeowners. They were first time buyers, so we wanted to make sure that we could help them in any way that we could help! I included things like paint colors to writing them notes on how to remember to operate the pond/waterfall feature in the backyard. I wanted them to be able to feel they could navigate their new home with ease!

Day One Kit

Another thing I like to do when moving is to create a “Day One Essentials” box. This is a box of things needed right away when moving. Now, we have moved many times in over 22 years so I consider myself a pretty good expert on moving. Grab a storage container and place items in it that you know you will need on the first day.

Items for the essential box could include:

*Coffee with Coffee Pot


*First Aid Kit

*Basic Tools like hammer, drill, tape measure, ect

*Hand Soap with Hand Towels

*Paper Plates, Cups, Disposable Silverware


*Cleaning products with reusable cleaning cloths


*Pet Food


I also like to pack one overnight bag per person in our family so we have easy access to a couple day’s worth of clothing, tooth brushes and personal hygiene items.

Anyway, this may look a little different for each family, but you get the idea! It is so much easier to have these things instead of opening ten different boxes to find something! Between these three ideas, I am able to stay organized and maintain less chaos in a chaotic time period. I highly recommend you giving them a try and customizing for your own family for your next move! If you have any questions, please reach out and ask in the comments!



[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked, in this post is provided by Kirklands; all opinions and reviews are my own.]



What a beautiful time of year to celebrate being thankful and what better way to celebrate than with friends for a Friendsgiving Table With Kirklands! I have always enjoyed the holidays along with making them special, to spend with family and friends. My oldest two daughters would always say when they were kids that I was Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens, all wrapped up into one. I have always enjoyed cooking for my family on holidays and add in decor with just makes my heart happy!


I always enjoy creating a tablescape with a budget! Remember to always use things you have on hand first, then head on over to Kirklands to grab your items for your tablescape! I created everything here on my table for less than $100! Join Kirklands K-Club to sign up to receive special offers like a birthday surprise, along with a points system to receive coupons and more! 



I usually always start my tablescapes with a main piece for my center. When I saw the Cream and Buffalo Check Pumpkin Garland, I knew it would be the perfect, simple centerpiece for my Friendsgiving Table. I love the green and cream hues of the garland. I am enjoying it’s simplicty  for our table as well. You could also add this garland to your mantel as well. 


You could also add the Cream and Buffalo Check Pumpkin Garland to a wood dough bowl on your table as well. It will help add demension and texture to your table. I chose to go without the dough bowl this time for a more simple look for my Friendsgiving Table. 



My absolute favorite line from Kirklands is their Simple Things line! I scooped up the Simple Things Dinner Plates  and oh how I love thier subtle speckle finish! I think that by using a neutral colored plate, it allows you to play around with colored napkins or a more colorful centerpiece! The Simple Things Dinner Plates can be so versatile in any type of decor! 



My Simple Things Dinner Plates pair beautifully with the Charcoal Plaid Columbia Napkins. What better way to compliment the napkins to tie in with the Simple Things Dinner Plates! These napkins will add a simple touch of charm to your Friendsgiving Table! I love their rustic charm! Kirklands napkins are budget friendly as well!



What better way to display your napkins but with Kirklands Wood Beaded Napkin Rings! I think it gives a beautiful detail to our Friendsgiving Table! Whites and woods are my favorite in decor! 



I could not leave Kirklands without picking up these beautiful Highball Hammered Glasses ! The glasses are also from their Simple Things line. I love their subtle texture yet they are so rustic chic! Perfection in my book!



I hope I have been able to inspire you with my Friendsgiving Table from Kirklands! If you like saving money like I do, you can sign up for Kirklands Loyalty Program and receive fabulous deals! 

Happy Friendsgiving!



[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked, in in this post is provided by The Home Depot; all opinions and reviews are my own. If you click a link, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you.]


How to Install a Board & Batten Wall

I have been wanting to create a board and batten wall for quite some time now. I jumped at the chance when The Home Depot reached out and asked if I would be willing to work with them! I knew exactly which room would be the perfect spot for a board and batten wall! My number two daughter and I had just re-decorated her room in a boho style so I knew that by adding texture to the wall, that it would add  more of the bohemian flare! This is a quick weekend project and budget friendly as well! You can use the link above and enter code “THANKSGIVING20” at check out for 20% off select Furniture, Textiles, Mattresses and Decor from October 22nd-28th, 2020. 


Let’ s Build a Board & Batten Wall

Products needed for the wall:

* 1×2’s for the Vertical Primed Wood 8 Foot

* 1×3’s for the Horizontal Primed 8 Foot

* 1.5 inch Brad Nails

PPG Timeless Paint

*Paint Brush, Paint Roller Assembly and Tray

*Tape Measure



Tips on Buying Boards

When buying boards, hold the boards to your eye to make sure they are straight. We chose the primed boards because they were already sanded and primed, thus making this project a easy weekend project!

Step 1

Measure  the length  of your wall to find out where your center of your wall is located. Once you find your center of the wall, you want to mark that center measurement. 


Step 2

Decide how far apart you want your boards to be apart and mark that measurement with a pencil. Ours will be 16 inches apart.

Step 3

Measure the height of the wall. 

Step 4

Now that we have all of our measurements for the width and the height, that will tell us how much material we will need, based on the length of the boards, at The Home Depot. 


Step 5

After shopping at The Home Depot for our supplies, the next step is to add your board along the top of the wall and ceiling.


Cut your pieces based on your measurements. We cut our boards with a miter saw. 


Step 6

The  next step is placing the vertical boards on the wall.  


Place the vertical center board on the wall first and make sure the board is level. We chose to have our board and batten, 16 inches apart. We made a 14.5 inch board, for a spacer board, to go in between each board and batten. It will help keep your board and batten on center and helps to keep them straight as well.


Next, begin placing your board and batten on both sides of your center board, making sure each board is level. 


Step 7

The final step is painting! We chose PPG Timeless Paint in the color, Chinese Porcelain. It is the 2020 Color of the Year paint! PPG Timeless Paint is a innovative new formula that makes it even more washable! It has a complete one coat hide, coverage and durability, making it perfect for a weekend project! It also has outstanding washability, scrubbability  stain resistance, making it perfect for our family! You can pick it up at The Home Depot.


The first step in painting is to trim out, all around your wall, baseboards and around the board and batten pieces. My oldest daughter helped me paint! 


After trimming everything out, I used a small roller to roll the remaining area of the wall.  This was my first time using PPG Timeless Paint and I absolutely loved the one coat coverage and the vibrant colors, they have to offer! I also appreciated the low odor and low voc.

The finished wall, as it was drying! I could hardly wait for it to dry so I could style the room! 


Finished Board and Batten Wall

I am loving this weekend project of our Board and Batten Wall with The Home Depot.


It was quick and budget friendly! I love the texture that the board and batten adds to our daughter’s room! It definitely gives a beautiful flare to the bohemian vibes of this room! 


Final Thoughts

Have you ever thought of doing a board and batten wall in your home? Do you have any board and batten walls  in your home? I’d love to hear in the comments below! if you have any questions, please let me know in comments. I hope you have enjoyed following along with us on our DIY with  The Home Depot! 

Love, Shae

An Open Letter to My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

There are so many things I want to say to you on this special day. Let me start off by telling you how much I love you. From the moment you were born, your Daddy and I have loved you unconditionally. We love you infinitely. You are loved by God and by so many people. You are loved by those of us here on this earth and those of us not. Learning to feel love takes a lifetime for many, me included. Please promise me that you will keep your heart open for love, ok?


”So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one seperate.”-Matthew 19:6

Marriage is beautiful, yet it can also be hard. Marriage will have a little bliss and a little heartache but the heartache will make the sweet times seem so much sweeter. The rough moments will teach you about yourself. You will begin to understand your needs and wants, as well as your spouse’s needs and wants. You will learn to weigh your needs and wants, against your spouse’s needs and wants. Wanting it to be your way is human nature and does not make you a bad person, but you will need to set that aside sometimes and do what is best for your spouse. Your spouse will need to do that sometimes too. 


Choosing God for the center of your marriage is very important! Pray together, studying scriptures together is great ways to help keep Christ in your marriage. I believe that you will find that love doesn’t just sit like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade new all the time. It is constantly carving out time to cultivating your relationship with your husband; whether that be making time for an at home movie night, a candle lit dinner at home, going to one of your favorite places together or a special night out to a nice restaurant or even making his favorite dinner or surprising him with a special gift, making time for one another is essential in your relationship. 


Be available and be joyfully available for your spouse. You are the only one that can meet your spouse’s special need of intimacy. Don’t forget that he needs you.

If you have a disagreement, step aside and make sure you talk about it privately. Never have a disagreement in public, it can wait until your home. 

Never tell your parents what your spouse has done to hurt you. It is easier for you to forgive your spouse than it is for your parents to forgive them of their wrong doing.

Seek marriage counseling when needed. We’ve all been there and at times, we need others to give counsel. Be willing to seek it together.

Let divorce never be an option in your marriage, even when your mad at each other. Always seek to work out your differences and keep Christ centered in your marriage. 


I know you will be that wife, cooking in the kitchen, singing into the spatula. You were made for this and God has given you an amazing man to spend your life with. Don’t ever forget when times get tough to have fun. Don’t let life dull your sparkle. 

Live your life and laugh! Laugh so loud that your neighbor’s can hear your joy outside! 

Don’t forget to surround yourself with good, Godly women. 

Work BESIDE your husband, helping him to pursue his passions. 

BE REAL, BE AUTHENTIC. Let your life speak for itself in how you live authentically. 

BE TRUTHFUL. Never fear being the one who stands on truth. Lies always have a way of coming out. It is ok to make mistakes, but don’t live on those mistakes. 

ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. We are all sinners. We all make mistakes. Not one person on this earth is perfect. Our Lord is so gracious!

Let God be first and you will be the wife you were meant to be.


And on your wedding day, I’ll be standing there, watching you put on your makeup. Your bridesmaids will hover and the photographer will click and they will be helping you, including me. After all, you are my baby, my daughter and also my best friend. I will love you til the ends of the earth, my dear. There is no greater joy than having a daughter.

I love you with all my heart!




You scare me. If you can understand that I already love you more than I am adequately able to express. I have been praying for you for many years. I could not even imagine who God had planned for our daughter’s spouse but I am thankful that He chose you. The power and role you will have in our daughter’s life can strike up more fear in my heart that I have ever been prepared to deal with. You have the ability to help our daughter flourish into the woman she will become or the ability to crush her. Can you possibly understand how scary that is for me, as her mother?

I pray about you frequently. I will admit I have set high standards for you. I don’t mean that as a daunting task. For me to entrust you with our daughter under your leadership is one of the hardest things I will ever do. Raising her has been one of my greatest joys. Watching her marry you will be bittersweet. It is so hard for me to let her go. I love her so much.

I pray that you are a strong man of faith. I pray you are full of integrity and true character, along with honest and brave. I pray that you are gentle with my daughter. I pray that you will be an awesome father and that I will also pray that my daughter encourages you. I pray that you will be thoughtful and caring and I believe you are because I think my daughter has chosen wisely.

I have been married for quite some time now and I know how hard the work is. I understand, by watching my own husband, the burden a man has to provide, lead and love his family. I do see the fear and uncertainty a man must deal with. I pray that God will give you the necessary skills to lead gracefully and that God is always first in your life.

I believe I have done my very best to raise a daughter who will love you with her whole heart. I raised her to understand that marriage isn’t a fairytale but understands the true commitment of marriage and one that you don’t give up on easily. I have taught her to honor and respect her husband, to be a voice that builds you up. I have done my best to give her the knowledge I have. I know I won’t do it perfectly, I know she’ll make mistakes. Will you please handle her with grace and care? Will you please lead her gently to resolution and purpose? Will you please lead her to heaven?

At the end of your life-it is you son-in-law-whom will give an account for the way you lead and loved our daughter. Will you be given a good account for helping her like the servant-leadership of Jesus Christ? At times in life, you are going to feel like your wife is wrong. Please gently let her know she is wrong and not ignore her wrong-doings.

I am sure your Momma has done her very best as well. That is what Momma’s do! I pray for your Momma, that God has given her the grace she needs to raise you to be the man that God has intended for you to be. I pray that she and I can always love one another and can be both yours and our daughter’s biggest cheerleaders. I also pray that your Dad is a beautiful reflection of our heavenly Father. I pray you have learned becoming a man from a trusted, Godly man.

I said all of that to say, yes son, you scare me; entrusting you with our daughter will be one of the hardest things I will ever do. I am choosing to believe you are the spouse that God has chosen for our daughter and to whom she is called to marry. I am choosing, along with my husand, to continously pray over your relationship. Marriage is a sacred covenant. I am blessed to see the two of you in a truly, beautiful commitement, that leads your family to a beautiful, happy life!

Your future Mother-In-Law

Natural and Simple Fall Home Tour

Gather autumn inspiration from our natural and simple fall home tour that is loaded with farmhouse, rustic charm and lots of diy’s.

Fall Front Porch 


Although the fall weather is just beginning here in Alabama, I am loving the crisp fall days and watching the leaves begin to change. Fall is by far my favorite season! I am excited to join a few other ladies on instagram to share their fall home tours as well! Please make sure to visit the other fall homes over on instagram! For my fall front porch, I added fall mums, pumpkins, pillows and a cozy blanket! Add a couple signs and your fall porch is ready for the fall season!

Fall Dining Room


If you dropping by here for the first time, welcome! My name is Shae and I live in Birmingham, Alabama with my husband and our four daughters, along with our pup, Tinker Belle. We have worked so hard to transform our house into a home. Lots’s of diy’s fill our light and bright home, characterized with farmhouse charm. One of my favorite projects in our home is the designing and building of our farmhouse table in our dining room. We even designed and built the light fixture as well.


Since it is just beginning to feel like fall here, I really wanted to have a more simple, natural approach to my fall decor. Plus, I knew we would be moving in mid October, since we just recently sold our home! Simple sounded like a breath of fresh air with the swirl of moving in the back of my mind! I kept everything as neutral as possible then added a couple muted tones of orange with fall pumpkin pillows, a blanket then several multi-colored fall eucalyptus pieces. I always enjoy styling my dough bowl for each season.

Fall Kitchen


I really wanted to keep my seasonal additions in the kitchen neutral and simple. If you are a regular, you may have noticed how we have completed this space as more of a rustic farmhouse look. If you haven’t caught the posts about our kitchen, check out the renovation process HERE . We painted the CABINETS inside and out, with my diy chalk paint. It made an incredible difference! I even did the concrete countertops by myself! Of course, the farmhouse sink is my favorite thing about our kitchen renovation! For the fall decor, I added the muted toned, eucalyptus in a hanging basket and kept everything neutral from the wood colored baskets to the live plants! I also added a few pumpkins on the counter and one of my fall curated candles that you can purchase here.  Sometimes simplicity is best! 

Fall Family Room


One thing that I am really going to miss about this room is our ship lap wall! This wood is around 100 years old and I love the white wash that I added to it! The white wash just brings in so much more texture to the focal wall! In this room, I added several fall pillows in that same muted orange. I also added another fall blanket that helps tie in the colors of the room.


I can’t forget about the fall florals on the mantel from Kirkland’s! You can find that post  HERE.  One of my favorite smaller diy’s that my husband and I did a few years ago was our Pumpkin Patch Sign. Lining up and gluing on all of those letters, just above drove our OCD-selves crazy but we did it! This sign also doubles as a Christmas Tree Farm sign on the back! I have used this sign in our decor for the past three years and I still love it! DIY’S with my husband will always be my favorite because we create in together and with love for our home! 

Fall Half Bathroom


This little farmhouse half bath still gives me all the heart eyes! This was one of our first diy’s in this home! You can read all about how we transformed this Half Bath Makeover Under $180! Whites and woods are definitely apart of my love language when it comes to decor. My husband and I made the frame and the shelves from 100 year old barn wood. Leaving them with this house definitely makes me sad but knowing that the new homeowners will appreciate their beauty makes me happy!


Fall decor was definitely kept simple in our half bath, as I added the muted eucalyptus and a couple glass vases with fall florals from Target.

Fall Laundry Room


I feel you can never go wrong decorating any space in your home, as long as it gives you joy, go for it! That is exactly what I do, when decorating this little shelf in my laundry room! I love having a beautiful space to wash and  dry my family’s clothes! It is such a blessing to me!

For this space, I added a fall wreath along with a few pumpkins and that beautiful fall eucalyptus! Simple, budget friendly and you can use it every year and even add to it yearly as well!


I hope ya’ll have enjoyed our Natural and Simple Fall Home Tour! I sure have enjoyed sharing our fall spaces with you!

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Autumn Inspired Mantel with Kirklands

[This post contains sponspored links. The items featured and linked, in this post is povided by Kirklands; all opinions and reviews are my own.”]


Adding Autumn Inspiration:

I am in appreciation of Kirklands beautiful and bold fall florals this season! You will love their bright assortment of fall florals on display in your entryway , mantel or dining room. It is simple to add small fall florals to spaces throughout your home. I chose to use several fall bushes from Kirklands for my fall entry mantel.


 Kirklands Fall Florals: 

I knew I wanted to add our Pumpkin Patch sign with some of Kirklands stunning fall florals!!


The first floral piece that I started with was the Wildflower Bush, which is my main center piece for the fall florals. Its beautiful and bold , setting the tones for my fall colors in my home this season! The next two pieces are the Yellow Foam Berry Buds Bushes. The yellow compliments the Wildflower Bush, perfectly! I added each of those to eiter side of te Wildflower Bush. I also picked up two of The Flower Bar Green Bushes. They no longer have The Flower Bar Green Bushes but the Lemon Stem would make a great alternative! wanted some greenery to drape over the cedar mantel.


Kirklands Fall Pillows:

I knew I wanted to help welcome the crisp, cool days of fall into our home with a few of Kirklands fall pillows. You will love how their pillows will help add that autumnal touch to your entry, mantel or couch! Perfect for snuggling up with a soft blanket and a movie. Oh, and dont forget a cozy fire right beside the ones you love! My favorite time of year begins now with fall through Christmas. I love decorating our home for the fall season for our family to enjoy!


White Knit Pumpkin Pillows

The White Knit Pumpkin Pillows makes adding a few cozy fall accent pillows to your harvest collection, a festive autumn addition.  I love the pop of muted orange with the texture of the white knit pumpkin. Perfect for your entry, dining room chairs, couch or even your fireplace. Add a cozy fire and a few smores and your all set for the season!


Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch Accent Pillow

The Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch Accent Pillow is perfect for our fall entry mantel. I love that by adding a autumn accent pillow, how it brings a festive fall touch to any space! Hues of orange and cream with a featured embroidered border. The Welcome To Our Pumpkin Patch Accent Pillow ties in seemlessly with the our mantel’s orange fall tones, blending with all the fall florals. Muted oranges and yellows along with creams and a hint of green!


Plaid Pumpkins Stitched Accent Pillow

The Plaid Pumpkins Stitched Accent  Pillow just gives me all the fall feels, as it makes the perfect autumn addition to our fall pillows from Kirklands! With hues of gray, orange, red and green, it could be used in your autumn decor, throughout your home. Try it in your entry, your bedroom or your couch. 


Fall Entry Mantel Complete:

I am thankful to be enjoying these beautiful pieces in our home from Kirklands. They have decor to fit so many different styles and at great prices too! If you have any questions, please let me know! Which item is your favorite? Please let me know in the comments!