Barndominium DIY Flooring


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Flooring is the largest scale of surface in your home and picking the best type of flooring for your space depends on your budget, lifestyle and personal preference.


When we decided to self-build our barndominimum, we knew we wanted a quality flooring that could withstand the test of time! We loved the look of wood and wanted a product that was durable-with kids, pets and everyday life messes!  

There are so many choices when it comes to flooring: concrete, ceramic tile, hardwood, vinyl, engineered wood, laminate and more!


When we saw the Spill Defense Collection of flooring from Select Surfaces, at Sam’s Club, we were sold! The laminate planks in the Spill Defense Collection have a tighter seal, than regular laminates, making it spill resistant for up to 24 hours!! Perfect for families with kids and pets! The laminate planks also are low VOC’s and responsibly sourced from certified forests. REENGUARD Gold Certified to ensure healthy indoor air quality  Perfect for our family! We try to live as chemical free as we can!


The color choices are all beautiful which means there is something for everyone’s style! Our whole family fell in love with the Barnwood color!! Barnwood is a medium-toned wood color, with natural looking shade variations for an authentic barnwood look. Each plank also has natural looking texture and realistic saw marks that further lend to the authentic barnwood look. Everyone that visits our home, loves the flooring and asks if its real barn wood!



Before installing, we checked out the installation guide which is available on the Select Surface website Installation is SUPER easy!


Each plank comes with the foam backer attached- which means one less thing to install! Select Surface Flooring has an easy to install Speedloc system- no special tools needed to install it.

Just line up the tongue and groove portions and click, jiggle-wiggle into place. All you need to do is make cuts as needed to fit your space.



For the installation in our barndominium, we followed the steps below.

  • • Cleaned sub-flooring .
  • • Added baseboards .
  • • Painted & caulked baseboards.
  • • Install flooring per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • •Installed transition strips.




The Spill Defense Collection is easy, breezy to clean too! You can use a Norwex mop or a vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment or a broom!


Select Surfaces has beautiful flooring with a warranty to stand behind their product! The Spill Defense Collection comes with a limited lifetime warranty for residential use.

It’s designed to resist fading from sunlight and UV rays. It also will resist moisture for up to 24 hours and is designed to not stain or wear through. The seams are also designed to not unlock under normal use conditions. I was surprised at how hard it is to scratch the flooring so it’s super durable for our family!


If you’ve been wanting to update your flooring in your home and are looking for a durable, spill resistant, easy to install flooring, be sure to check out the beautiful selection from Select Surfaces Flooring! Available at your local Sam’s Club!


As always, if y’all have any questions , please reach out! Come follow me on Instagram! We are self building and diy-ing on the daily!



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How to Install a Board & Batten Wall

I have been wanting to create a board and batten wall for quite some time now. I jumped at the chance when The Home Depot reached out and asked if I would be willing to work with them! I knew exactly which room would be the perfect spot for a board and batten wall! My number two daughter and I had just re-decorated her room in a boho style so I knew that by adding texture to the wall, that it would add  more of the bohemian flare! This is a quick weekend project and budget friendly as well! You can use the link above and enter code “THANKSGIVING20” at check out for 20% off select Furniture, Textiles, Mattresses and Decor from October 22nd-28th, 2020. 


Let’ s Build a Board & Batten Wall

Products needed for the wall:

* 1×2’s for the Vertical Primed Wood 8 Foot

* 1×3’s for the Horizontal Primed 8 Foot

* 1.5 inch Brad Nails

PPG Timeless Paint

*Paint Brush, Paint Roller Assembly and Tray

*Tape Measure



Tips on Buying Boards

When buying boards, hold the boards to your eye to make sure they are straight. We chose the primed boards because they were already sanded and primed, thus making this project a easy weekend project!

Step 1

Measure  the length  of your wall to find out where your center of your wall is located. Once you find your center of the wall, you want to mark that center measurement. 


Step 2

Decide how far apart you want your boards to be apart and mark that measurement with a pencil. Ours will be 16 inches apart.

Step 3

Measure the height of the wall. 

Step 4

Now that we have all of our measurements for the width and the height, that will tell us how much material we will need, based on the length of the boards, at The Home Depot. 


Step 5

After shopping at The Home Depot for our supplies, the next step is to add your board along the top of the wall and ceiling.


Cut your pieces based on your measurements. We cut our boards with a miter saw. 


Step 6

The  next step is placing the vertical boards on the wall.  


Place the vertical center board on the wall first and make sure the board is level. We chose to have our board and batten, 16 inches apart. We made a 14.5 inch board, for a spacer board, to go in between each board and batten. It will help keep your board and batten on center and helps to keep them straight as well.


Next, begin placing your board and batten on both sides of your center board, making sure each board is level. 


Step 7

The final step is painting! We chose PPG Timeless Paint in the color, Chinese Porcelain. It is the 2020 Color of the Year paint! PPG Timeless Paint is a innovative new formula that makes it even more washable! It has a complete one coat hide, coverage and durability, making it perfect for a weekend project! It also has outstanding washability, scrubbability  stain resistance, making it perfect for our family! You can pick it up at The Home Depot.


The first step in painting is to trim out, all around your wall, baseboards and around the board and batten pieces. My oldest daughter helped me paint! 


After trimming everything out, I used a small roller to roll the remaining area of the wall.  This was my first time using PPG Timeless Paint and I absolutely loved the one coat coverage and the vibrant colors, they have to offer! I also appreciated the low odor and low voc.

The finished wall, as it was drying! I could hardly wait for it to dry so I could style the room! 


Finished Board and Batten Wall

I am loving this weekend project of our Board and Batten Wall with The Home Depot.


It was quick and budget friendly! I love the texture that the board and batten adds to our daughter’s room! It definitely gives a beautiful flare to the bohemian vibes of this room! 


Final Thoughts

Have you ever thought of doing a board and batten wall in your home? Do you have any board and batten walls  in your home? I’d love to hear in the comments below! if you have any questions, please let me know in comments. I hope you have enjoyed following along with us on our DIY with  The Home Depot! 

Love, Shae