Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton Sheets with American Blossom Linens

This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by American Blossom Linens; all opinions and reviews are my own.] 


We all know that eating organic food and avoiding pesticides is great for our bodies! We also know that avoiding harmful chemicals that are in products, that we put on our skin like makeup, shampoo’s, deodorants, ect, but have we thought about the difference in organic and conventional bedding?


Why choose organic bedding? The same reasons we choose organic produce, skin care products and cleaning products. Organic bedding is a healthier option without all the harmful chemicals. Organic cotton isn’t treated with the toxic chemical pesticides that conventional bedding is exposed to.

726F6C18-0203-4640-B5B3-D573830B0925For example, the wrinkle resistant sheets are treated with chemicals that release formaldehyde. Long term exposure is not good for our health. Conventional sheets are also dyed with inks and dyes that may contain heavy metals. Organic cotton is also more comfortable and breathable than compared to its synthetic counterpart. Organic bedding will leave you feeling cool and comfortable!


Let’s sum it up in six reasons to buy organic cotton sheets:

1) Organic cotton isn’t processed with harsh chemicals, making it great for people with sensitive skin!

2) Organic cotton isn’t grown with harmful pesticides!

3) Organic cotton is a breathable fabric!

4) Organic bedding isn’t made with harmful chemical additives like “wrinkle resistant” treatments that release formaldehyde.

5) Organic cotton bedding is made without harmful dyes and inks that may contain heavy metals.

6) Organic cotton bedding is usually stronger, making it hold up to wear and tear better than conventional bedding because chemical processing weakens the fibers.


I was absolutely thrilled to receive American Blossom Linens Organic White Sheet Set, that comes with FOUR pillow cases!! Let me tell you all of the reasons that I love our new sheet set!! American Blossom Linens are manufactured right here in the USA! Their fitted sheet is made with an extra deep 16 inch pocket to provide a good fit for any height mattress! The “Top” and “Bottom” labels make putting the fitted sheet on with ease so that you get that perfect fit! American Blossom Linens organic cotton is grown by family farmers.


American Blossom Linens Guarantee:

-All of their products ship to you for free!!

-Sleep with them, wash them and live with them! If for any reason you aren’t satisfied they will give you a full refund, up to two years later! Now that’s a guarantee I love!

Please check out more on  American Blossom Linens  website about their organic cotton sheet sets and bedding. I promise you will love them just like we do! They also were kind enough to send me a coupon code for y’all to use!! If you will use “SWEET20” at check out, you will receive 20% off your purchase!!


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