DIY Anthropologie Basket Challenge

I love teaming up with my blogging friends when they ask if I’m up for a challenge! Terrie from @decorateandmorewithtip asked if I would like to be involved with her Anthropologie challenge and I knew I couldn’t say no! Today, I want to share with you a challenge for a DIY Anthropologie basket! I wanted to try making mine look slightly different from the one in the picture.


I used this rope from the Dollar Tree and a crochet yarn from Hobby Lobby. I only used two strands of the rope and a very small amount of the crochet yarn.


I started the basket by winding the rope around and wrapping the yarn around the rope, two layers at a time. I used my crochet needle to push the yarn through the rope.


It was relatively easy to make and I could have easily made it a lot larger. I have enough rope and yarn to make another basket!


I think that it definitely did not turn out how I envisioned but it is definitely a start and something to work with or build on in the future! I added my Christmas cactus to my basket and styled it in our newly renovated pop-up camper! I hope y’all enjoy checking out my friends and how they each made their own version of this basket!

Love, Shae



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15 thoughts on “DIY Anthropologie Basket Challenge

  1. Shae, I love your basket! How creative to use the yarn with the rope! It gives more depth and texture to your basket, too pretty! Have a great one! Hugs!


  2. Shae your basket it so stinkin cute! I love the look of the yarn and rope together. I am pinning this to make me one. I think it would look great to place wrapped candies in. Thanks for sharing. I am so happy you joined in on the fun. Can’t wait until next month’s challenge, I hope you join in on that one as well!


  3. Shae, what a cute idea with the wool like yarn mixed in. It’s not only soft looking but has a farmhouse, boho vibe and I love that. Good job.


  4. Never would have thought to add the yarn! I am imagining what this must look like in you pop-up…perhaps with a plant inside? Just really like the different textures you added to this.


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